About Me


I fell in love with Pilates many years ago. It was different from any other form of exercise I had ever tried. It forced me to focus, connect my mind and body together. I felt invigorated when I finished a class. I wanted more!

My classical certification required over 800 hours to complete. I continue to learn and evolve as a teacher. I recently completed a CPE (continuing education) seminar at Lifespan Pilates in NYC. Sari Mejia Santos ran the class with an assist from Cynthia Schipley, who is part owner of Lifespan and runs the training program. 

I have been blessed to take lessons from some incredibly talented instructors through the years. I continue to learn and grow. I always tell my clients, Pilates never gets easier. You just go deeper. 

I really love what I do. And I believe my clients can feel that during our lessons. Pilates changed my life and I believe it can do the same for you!

When I'm not teaching I'm spending time with my 7 year old son, Mike. Check out his pictures in the photo gallery below. How killer is his teaser?! 

I'm also an avid fan of essential oils. I use them for everything! I'm always finding ways to eliminate toxins and find natural alternatives. Check out my Blog page for some tips!

The Waterview at Port Jeff Country Club

The Waterview at Port Jeff Country Club